Prime Research

The study of what drives customer satisfaction among credit union and bank clients is at the heart of what we do at Prime Performance. Having talked to millions of customers for the past 20 years, we have a keen perspective about the key drivers that lead to a positive client experience and what that means for banks and credit unions.

Prime Performance Index
Each year, we put research into action by rolling up the results of all of our transaction-triggered surveys of bank and credit union customers into the Prime Performance Index (PPI). PPI is a composite score of all survey responses among Prime Performance bank and credit union clients to our standard set of questions. A valuable management diagnostic tool, this index provides a picture of how an institution is performing compared to this collective group of bank and credit union clients across the country against specific questions.

2011 Prime Performance Bank and Credit Union Satisfaction Survey
Our annual Prime Performance Bank and Credit Union Satisfaction Survey is a poll of more than 6,000 customers of credit unions, small banks, large banks and select mega-banks who had recently opened a new account, performed a teller transaction or spoken to a call center representative.

Click here to view our summary reports for customer perceptions on a variety of satisfaction indicators. Download the full reports for more in-depth analysis and insights about how specific behaviors demonstrated during a teller or call center interaction drive the client experience.