Creating a culture for customer satisfaction is an
ongoing process that requires educating employees
about the client experience and why it’s important,
monitoring the key behaviors that drive customer
satisfaction and coaching employees for optimum

Monitor is designed to give a financial institution
consistent and timely feedback on the fitness of its
client experience. Like a runner who uses data from
a heart monitor to optimize training and improve
performance, Monitor gives the management team
actionable data and improvement tools on the
specific behaviors that drive customer satisfaction
over time.

The Monitor Process

  • Provides voice-of-client feedback gathered through transaction-triggered surveys
  • Delivers consolidated results through an easy-to access, secure web portal
  • Generates weekly reporting at all levels of the organization from holding company to front-line employee
  • Includes improvement tools to aid management in explaining the importance of customer satisfaction and the key behaviors that drive it
  • Allows quick implementation