The bottom line—client experience drives profitability. That means the health and well-being of any financial institution depends on satisfied, loyal clients.

With programs for measurement, monitoring and improvement, Prime Performance works exclusively with financial institutions to help them build a culture for customer satisfaction that drives loyalty and profitability. The result? Clients who have implemented our measurement and monitoring process have seen remarkable outcomes, like a 16% boost in earnings, an 8% growth in new deposits and a 7.5% gain in the size of average account balances to name a few.

Which Program Is Right For You?
We know the key behaviors that determine customer satisfaction.  Over the last 20 years, Prime Performance has talked to millions of bank and credit union clients about what drives their loyalty and satisfaction.

Measuring and monitoring performance on these critical satisfaction drivers is at the core of our Monitor program. A transaction-triggered process, Monitor is designed to give management a tool for behavior change.

For banks and credit unions that strive to build a culture centered on client experience, but don’t have a process to gather customer feedback about how well they deliver, we’ve designed Pulse. A benchmark survey, Pulse provides a snapshot of performance on customer satisfaction to give management critical insight into the organization’s overall health and well-being.

Explore Monitor and Pulse and let’s talk about which program is right for you.