Resolutions for Your Branches

“New Year.” A time to wipe the slate clean. A new beginning.  A time to think about ways to improve.  A time for resolutions.

We are not too far into the New Year to still consider resolutions.  I recently found a great posting from Fortune called Secrets of Greatness: What it takes to be great.  The article shares research showing the lack of natural talent is irrelevant to great success. So what is the secret?  Goal setting, practice and hard work.

As leaders, how can we strive for greatness in our branches this year?   Author Geoffrey Colvin suggests to start any task with a new goal “instead of merely trying to get it done, you aim to get better at it.

Perhaps this year, your branches should strive for improving excellence in customer service.  Customer service is something that we talk about. We may have included something about it in our mission statement, or on our website, but are you equipped to set a goal to get better at customer service?

Feedback is crucial…Without it, as Goldman Sachs leadership-development chief Steve Kerr says, “it’s as if you’re bowling through a curtain that comes down to knee level. If you don’t know how successful you are, two things happen: One, you don’t get any better, and two, you stop caring.

If you plan to focus on elevating the customer experience in your branches and call centers, make sure that you are providing feedback to your front-line employees so that they understand that goal is important to you and they have what they need to do to succeed.

All the very best to you this New Year.


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