Greeting Customers Immediately Upon Entering the Bank Lobby

It is important to make customers feel welcome as soon as they enter the branch. Customers who are greeted immediately feel more comfortable, find the wait time more acceptable and overall are more satisfied with their branch experience. Ninety five percent of customers who were greeted immediately said they were satisfied with the service they received, while eighty four percent who were not greeted immediately were satisfied.  Across all banks and credit unions sixty two percent of customers claim they were greeted immediately.  Customers at banks with less than 20 branches are most likely to be greeted immediately, at 74 percent, while customers at banks with 300 to 999 branches are least likely, at 54 percent.

3 Tips to Greet Customers Immediately Upon Entering the Bank Lobby

  1. Think about a time when you walked into a place of business and were not greeted. Think about how that made you feel. Now think about a situation where you were greeted immediately with enthusiasm. How did that make you feel?
  2. Think about how, with your branch design, you might be able to greet a client within 5 seconds of entering the lobby. Consider both the teller line and platform. Remember that the greeting should include eye contact, a smile, and a verbal acknowledgement.
  3. Consider a plan for greeting the customer within 5 seconds of coming through the door. Take into account both the teller line and platform employees. Who would, logically, be able to greet the client first?

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