Key Behaviors that Help Create a Great Client Experience

10. Understand that all buying decisions are first emotional ones. Speak in benefit language that acknowledges what is valuable to that customer.

9.    Treat customers fairly. If you made a mistake that cost them money, then fix it. Don’t defend yourself; do what’s fair.

8.    Don't ever stop improving your skills. Any person that interacts with customers should constantly improve their conversation, service, and sales skills. Seek out training that can help you better serve the customer.

7.    Make happy customers your number one goal. Outstanding customer experience, not free give-aways, is what results in happy customers.

50 Ways to Keep a Customer

6.    Try a little empathy. If you're really frustrated with a customer, put yourself in their shoes for a moment. Take a deep breath, and try to understand that they're busy and tired and need your help.

5.    Be positive in your comments. Say things like 'I really appreciate your business.', or 'Drive safely.', or 'Take good care of that hurt ankle!' Those comments let the customer know that you care about the personal things.

4.    Never let the customer lose face. Even if a situation has occurred because of an incorrect action by the customer, stay focused on the solution and let them know that you are there to help and appreciate their business.

3.    Always ask how you can help. By starting every conversation with 'How may I help you?' you let the customer know that they are not an interruption to your day. Instead, you are there to serve them.

2.    Process transactions quickly and accurately. Customers might not discuss accuracy, but they always expect it. A lack of accuracy, or taking too long to take care of a customer, can cause them to walk out your door and into the door of a competitor.

1.    Recharge every day. Start every day with a 'curtain-up' mentality. Each day is a performance; a chance to take care of people who need your help.


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