Key Behaviors that Help Create a Great Client Experience

40. Treat colleagues politely. Remember that customers watch and listen to the interaction in your branch or even call center. If you enjoy your colleagues, the customer will trust the environment.

39. Be professional and friendly at the same time. If you’re friendly but don’t meet their needs, they won’t deepen their relationship with you.

38. Be a detective. Have an insatiable curiosity about a customer’s needs. Do they own a small business? Have small children? Do they have accounts at other institutions?

37. Ask customers how they feel about your company. The only way to know how you’re really doing when it comes to serving and retaining customers is to ask them.

36. Follow-up when you promise to, and sometimes even when you don’t. If you tell a customer you’re going to follow-up with information, do it, sooner than they expected, if possible. The follow-up alone will blow them away.

35. Listen to every word the customer says. Try to block out other distractions, and listen as if this is the most important customer question in the entire world. Don’t assume you know their problem, and don’t interrupt them.

34. Don’t just meet needs; anticipate them. You should always be in a hurry to help the customer. Think about why they might be in your place of business, and proactively offer help they might be hoping to receive.

33. Prioritize your time. Don’t let forms and processes take away time from your customers. There’s enough time to get that done when a customer is not at your desk. Make sure you know that customers get priority.

32. Thank customers for their business. Even if they’ve been your customer for ten years, they need to know that you appreciate the fact that they’ve chosen you from thousands of competitors. Thank them every time you interact with them.

31. Be knowledgeable. Even if you’re friendly and charming, a customer trusts that you are an expert in your field. Make sure that you know about the most common products, and can suggest them confidently.

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