Key Behaviors that Help Create a Great Client Experience

 50.  The best companies have a clear passion for serving their customers. Before you meet your first customer each day, remind yourself that this is an ongoing relationship that should deepen with every interaction.

49.  Stay focused on what is important to your customer. Don’t product push if it doesn’t fit your customer’s needs.

48.  Welcome customers immediately. Don’t let them stand for even 20 seconds without somebody calling out a greeting or making eye contact.

47.  Greet the customer with energy, not obligation. An energized, positive tone makes all the difference in a customer interaction. If you smile, make eye contact, shake hands, find something to laugh about, you’re going to have a customer for as long as you’re around.

46.  Don’t try to ignore problems, handle them. Customers don’t like problems any more than you do. If you will do everything in your power to find a solution, they’ll stay with you.

45.  Start your day by listening to something positive. To create a positive tone for your customer, you need to create your own attitude by listening to things that make you feel good first.

44.  The customers’ perception is the only truth that matters. It doesn’t matter if you remembered an interaction differently than the customer. If the customer believed the interaction was not positive, then you need to understand why, so you can correct.

43.  Provide laser-like attention. Try to avoid watching others around you when waiting on a customer; if you have to answer a phone, explain why and get off the call as quickly as possible. Your undivided attention, even if for a few minutes, lets the customer know you are focused on them.

42.  Make sure you’ve taken care of every need. Before a customer leaves, always ask “Is there any thing else I can do for you?” Most customers will say no, but it lets them know you are not rushing them out the door.

41.  Make sure your products are easy to use. If a customer walks away and then doesn’t understand how to use your products, they’re going to quietly leave. If a product is complicated, ensure that there is training before the customer walks out the door.

Stay tuned, as the countdown will continue in the coming weeks.