Finding Unique and Effective Ways to Win Customers

A friend recently emailed me the customer support letter that is included in this post.  The letter is from DefaultCase, a company that sells inexpensive cases for iPhones.  Neither my friend, nor myself have purchased anything from this company, but because this letter has been widely circulated through emails, we both became aware of the company and even made a quick visit to their website to learn more.  As you read the letter, you will see that under the clever copy lies the presence of great customer service basics that should be ever-present in our daily interactions with our customers.


  • To us, you are the equivalent of what the lead singer of a boy band and/or vampire is to a teenager girl”, translated as “You are very important to us”. Each and every bank customer we interact with should clearly feel that they are our reason for showing up to work.  We need to always remember that we are there to assist them and without them – we are not needed.


  • If you hold your arms open really wide – do it – just know that we appreciate you even more than that”, or in other words “We greatly appreciate your business”.   Banks have new competitive threats each day.  Consumers have choices that we could not have imagined 5 years ago.  Make sure that each of your customers feels appreciated for their business and prove to them that they made the right choice in selecting your financial institution.


  • If your order took longer than expected, please try to remember that our original shipping plans called for carrier pigeons and teleportation.  You can understand why this didn’t work out.  If you still hate us, call us at 877-834-4010 and tell us”, or put more concisely “We delivered less than what you expect and deserve”.  Letting your customers know when you’ve made a mistake – and letting them know that you are sorry can cement your relationship.  Mistakes will happen – when they do, be honest and sincere.  Refer to an insightful blog post, by Jim S Miller, which details more about The Power of a Sincere Apology: Turning an apology into a strategic strength.


  • DefaultCase is new.  You are one of the first 1000 customers.  The policies we create now will set the standard for how we communicate and interact with our customers”, or worded differently “You are our partner and an important part of our improvement”.  Creating a connection with your customer creates a deep bond.  Disclosing to a client that you are working to improve – and soliciting their input for guidance will create fans.  Fans then tell family and friends about your service.  Someone might even write a customer service blog posting about it.


I do not own an iPhone, but if I did – I would try a DefaultCase.  Crafty support letters are fun – and if this letter indicates their commitment to customer service, they are a company worth supporting.  What are your customers reading between the lines of your customer support communications?  I hope that it is many of the themes we see in the DefaultCase letter.