Tips to Better Retain and Engage your Employees

Employees who are well-engaged in their work seem happy, hospitable and can easily offer a customer a smile at the end of the day. They act like they are happy to be exactly where they are, in a genuine way, no phony warmth detected by customers or coworkers. Exceptional customer service behaviors flow naturally from their sense of engagement with the job.


Work is not thought of as “work” at the companies where you find these well-engaged and highly satisfied employees. According to an article in Fortune magazine, it’s not even a large paycheck or benefits that make for happy and engaged employees like these; instead, it’s creating a work environment that makes employees feel more valuable.


Americans are struggling with finding this type of environment. Research conducted by Time magazine in 2010 indicated that less than half of workers (45%) are satisfied with their jobs. Employers have a lot of work ahead of them. Provided below are some tips on how to create a more desirable work environment that will help an employee feel engaged and valued.


  • Always be sure to make employees feel appreciated by taking the time to say “thank you”, “good job”, or “job well done”. Being recognized for a job well done is a great motivator for employees and translates into an employee who is more productive and satisfied and loyal to your company.


    • Effectively communicate to your employees that their job is one that is valuable and important to the company’s bottom line. As an example, remind frontline staff that by simply smiling and thanking a customer at each and every interaction; they are creating a positive customer experience that translates into a loyal customer of the bank.


    • Management should continually find ways to keep an employee motivated and well-engaged, and work to find ways to develop new skill sets to help an employee become a more valuable asset. For example, offer service and/or sales training and education opportunities, when available, to branch staff to sharpen their skills and fine tune the behaviors that translate into providing a positive customer experience.


    • Encourage employees to find more innovative ways to do their jobs. This invitation for innovation leads to a feeling of being valued for their minds since their ideas are being heard and welcomed.


    • If possible, offer employees more accommodating work arrangements, whether that is flexible hours or a choice of where to work.


    Creating a desirable work environment will not only help you retain your best employees and encourage genuine service delivery to customers, but a recent series of studies demonstrates how it can boost productivity and create advocates for your company as well. James F. Parker, author of “Do the Right Thing”, said it best, “Employees who enjoy their jobs will probably love their company because they feel their company loves them back. Work will be fun, and it will show.