What can you learn about customer satisfaction from a piano concert?

What can you learn about customer satisfaction from a piano concert… actually a lot.  Last night I was at a concert that featured Di Wu on the piano.  While sitting there I started to think about what makes her so special… special enough to fill a concert hall with over 500 paying attendees.  While her technical skills are remarkable, there is more to it.  Watching her play, you can see that she is doing more than striking the right keys in the right order.  She is putting herself into the music which makes it come alive for the audience. 

The same is true in customer service.  Two employees can say the exact same phrase, but the message conveyed to the customer is completely different.  It is not just what is said that matters (although it is also important), but how it was said.  How many times have you heard the right words come out of someone’s mouth, but you know they don’t mean it.  Di Wu has been playing some of the same pieces for years.  It would be easy for her to go through the motions, but she put all of herself into her playing so the audience feels they are getting a special performance.  Are you doing the same for your customers?

See and hear Di Wu for yourself in the video below: